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This is a full working Demo that will expire in the  period of seven consecutive days from the 
first use of the program.  To purchase the full product, please click here.

The default conventions are set for modern bridge.  If you play Goren [party] bridge, you must reset the default conventions.  Do that immediately.  The new setting will be remembered.

Please select  the free version you wish to download.

On Windows, some virus protection programs will identify a Security Risk during the install process. This alert appears because you are installing from an .exe file.  Kindly choose "Allow program to Continue." 

On Windows, some laptops raise a warning that the DPI is not set to the normal value of 96.  Click here to solve the problem.

On Windows if you have any trouble clicking the proper dummy card [usually the top most card in a suit], please check :
       "Dummy Cursor Correction" in the Option menu under Special Features.

In Windows 10 the initial graphic presentation occasionally does not appear on startup. Skype sometimes causes this problem. Either close or uninstall it to use the demo.

Important [READ THIS]:   On Windows freezing during bidding or card play is easily resolved by pressing the Enter key.     You MUST have Administrative Privileges to play the game or set its Properties [right click on the icon] > compatibility > "Run this program as an Administrator.".

On Windows some third party virus protection programs interfer with the normal installation process. If this occurs you may need to uninstall the game using the Control Panel and then temporarily disable your virus protection during the re-installation.  [Feel free to check the installer app with your virus protection by scanning the program prior to installation. Our program is safe.]

  Click the proper link below:

        Windows Download:

                 DOWNLOAD: For Windows 8.x & 10 Only

                 DOWNLOAD For Windows 7 and below

         Macintosh Download:

Important [READ THIS]: In order to properly open your game without receiving an Apple message telling you that the game will not play on your machine. You must select "Show in Finder." Once you can see the BridgePro icon in the Finder, press the Control Key and highlight the BridgePro™ icon. A alert will appear. Select Open to proceed. Click here for detailed instructions.

                 DOWNLOAD For Macintosh   [Macintosh Intel®64 bit chip set OS X 10.9 and above]

[Do not attempt to open the game from within the BridgePro™ Image. It will not play.  You must first move it to your desktop or application folder.]

Click here when finished to download manuals.

[To uninstall the demo, please follow standard Windows/Macintosh protocol.]


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